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Thank You Series: 2 Pillars

Part I: My Best Friend

It was 26 years ago
When we first met
If I put money on us
Would have lost that bet

Words really can’t explain what you mean to me
The world programmed men not to say such things
Clashed at first but we hashed things out
Young Kings in King’s hallway
You know exactly what I’m talkin’ ’bout

I am from 12th Street
You being from Linwood (NFL)
In the hood back then in Detroit
That was anything but good

Weren’t supposed to be friends
But that’s not our story at all
Became one of my strongest pillars
Refused to see me fall

When I was right or wrong
You always had my back
When I was wrong
Once we were alone
You’d tell me just that

I literally lost my mind
After the accident
Contemplated taking my life
But you weren’t having it

With just one line
You brought me back from the brink
Stared me in my eyes and said,
“What about Richard and Malik?”

Held that stare for a while
And let it resonate
Pulled my heartstrings in front of my face
So I could really see
So I could wake

Knew exactly how to hit me
How to eliminate
The destructive thoughts I was having
Without a trace

Called me by my government name and said
“The “you” I know is much stronger than that”
A lion always knows a lion
That’s not something to ever forget

I don’t know where I would be without you

Thank you