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575 – HAIKU


What is a Haiku?

Many poem rules, words few

My five seven five

Am I creative

Enough to grasp interest

Wordsmith constructing


Dependable qualities

Birthed affinities

Fatigue becomes me

Working wearily on me

Good men are priceless

Sleeping under stars

Dreaming of life not as hard

Waiting to feel light

A new day is born

First light you see in the morn

A beautiful Dawnn

She illuminates

Pausing taking in her rays

Warmth becomes my face

This is a Haiku

Few words, many poem rules

My five seven five

Higher Heels

Higher Heels

Isn’t it such a shame when women have heels higher than their standards?

Mentoring Changes Lives

You never know how you may affect a life by holding your hand out and investing time in someone else’s.  I was actually thinking about it earlier today before I read this article.  The world needs more positive influences.



She was extracted from the Heavens and delivered to the earth in human form…

Joe Louis

I did say that I loved my city...


I don’t have the mastery of the English language required to fully express the significance of her friendship…

She is loved and appreciated…