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Missing My Dream Girl

Desperately, I’m craving your touch

I’ve never missed someone this much…

Never been touched with this type of touch

By anyone

I’ve never been in love as such

I wake up thinking about you

I fall asleep thinking about you

When I dream,

I dream of you

When I used to dream

Never would have dreamed up you

What that means to me beautiful

Is that

You’ve surpassed my old dreams

Made me think of new things

And evolved into the new dream-girl

Night time or daydream

Afternoon and evening

Anywhere doing anything

I love you girl

With my everything

I Jumped in the Deep End

I jumped in the deep end. I don’t even know how to swim. I’m surrounded by and immersed in waters that I’ve never been in. I don’t have any scuba gear, life jackets nor floatation devices. I dove into the unknown searching for love in hope that it rises. Was near suffocation and almost drowned but I found treasure in view. A heart held by one chain and it belonged to you. It was surrounded by a breath of fresh air and allowed me to continue my dive. The reddish color became bolder as I got closer, our energy combined and began to thrive. The beat became so intense and so strong that the heart broke free from the chain. Together we’ll rise to the surface and show the world your heart at full strength again. I jumped in the deep end. I didn’t know how to swim. Now I’m surrounded by and immersed in a love that I’ve never been in.