Today in 1987 the world changed forever… A beautiful spirit was infused with flesh and blood and born into this world as a little girl.  Everyone isn’t gifted with a beautiful spirit and everyone isn’t born with the same capacity to love like she was. That’s one of the things that makes her birth so special…so powerful. A birth like hers changes the lives of those that she encounters causing a Butterfly Effect of positivity. God is Love and the light she carries inside of her is His torch. Over the years, she grew and grew all while carrying this torch of His, making it hers, and lighting paths with this great power where there were mostly shadows. Most could see her light but as she grew older some couldn’t handle the glare. You see, a person like this wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s sensitive and she’s vulnerable. There are some that would take advantage of this and her kindness. But through it all, her light still would shine. Time moved on and she proved worthy of creating a miracle. She birthed another beautiful spirit that was infused in flesh and blood and born into the world as a little girl. She instilled the same principles or love and kindness in her daughter. Her daughter now carries the same flame that she has carried for all of these years and lights paths where she encounters shadows. They now do it together. They are the most beautiful combination I have ever seen. I am lucky enough to call them both mine. So today, on her 30th, I want to wish my Butterfly a Happy Birthday and say thank you for being the special person, mother, friend, lover and light that you are.

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